MIT on Our Data Driven Society

MIT on Our Data Driven Society

While I was at Berkeley, we discussed the importance of data in the digital age. I was especially shocked to learn about companies like Target (who monitors your spending patterns in order to effectively market to you- did you read the article about the teenager who was sent baby stuff at home because she bought a pregnancy test?) or Aristotle (who uses your data in the political context.)

This article from New York Times is a pretty interesting read, and makes you think about the ways in which your data is being used.


Article about Online Learning with

Article about Online Learning with

The woman behind tells us about her background and gives us her take on the future of online learning- an interesting watch… especially looking at online learning from a business standpoint.

Article With Public Speaking Tips for Introverts

Article With Public Speaking Tips for Introverts

I found this article on the main page of my LinkedIn this morning, and had to share. I am an introvert, and you might be surprised to learn that I got an “A” in my public speaking class during college. I find it much easier to speak in front of a group than I do in a situation with 1-5 people. It’s about playing a part for me, if I pretend not to be afraid, the worry will eventually melt away. Great tips!

“Revolution Hits the Universities” by Thomas Friedman

“Revolution Hits the Universities” by Thomas Friedman

This article inspired me to create this blog.

I have always been a fan of online communities, and my love for the Internet helped me become a more effective communicator and a better student. I took online classes while working full time as a model, and can say with confidence that I would have not been ready to succeed as a student at UC Berkeley without the experience.

I love that Friedman hits on the benefits of the discussion forum, which really helped me a lot. As a student, I was very shy and afraid to “ask the wrong question” and these forums helped me gain insight in a safe way, see different perspectives, and trust my choices and opinions.