Anonymous Social Networking

Anonymous Social Networking

In this article on CNN, Breeanna Hare profiles Social Number, a site that provides users with an anonymous social networking experience. 

I find it an incredibly interesting concept, but does this network take us even further away from interpersonal interaction? 


“Revolution Hits the Universities” by Thomas Friedman

“Revolution Hits the Universities” by Thomas Friedman

This article inspired me to create this blog.

I have always been a fan of online communities, and my love for the Internet helped me become a more effective communicator and a better student. I took online classes while working full time as a model, and can say with confidence that I would have not been ready to succeed as a student at UC Berkeley without the experience.

I love that Friedman hits on the benefits of the discussion forum, which really helped me a lot. As a student, I was very shy and afraid to “ask the wrong question” and these forums helped me gain insight in a safe way, see different perspectives, and trust my choices and opinions.